Power Algae™ 


  • base module 100 litres
  • easily up-scalable to match your needs
  • 'shelving' reduces need for floor space
  • innovative energy efficient circulation system
  • innovative energy efficient LED illumination system
  • innovative energy efficient gas enrichment system
  • optional gas pre-filtration system
  • convenient harvesting system
  • integrated sensors for measuring critical parameters
  • measurement data collected and stored in cloud
  • basic analysis options pre-installed
  • full automation possible with special algorithms
  • can be remotely monitored and managed via convenient user interface

Our photobioreactor is ideal for research and lab experiments, as well as for small scale algae farming for high value compounds. We provide our technology as
'made-to-measure', so please don't hesitate to contact us for finding out how we could be valuable for you.