ALGACAP by Power Algae™ 

ALGACAP is a modular microalgae photobioreactor system, designed to be
integrated into an industrial chimney for CO2 sequestration from flue gas. We can provide the system on a turnkey basis, or we can offer the technology as a flue gas cleaning service. The service is priced based on the the amount of sequestrated CO2, correlated with price fluctuations on the EU-ETS market, ensuring continuous value to the customer.

  • base module 100 litres
  • easily up-scalable to match your needs
  • 'shelving' reduces need for floor space

  • innovative energy efficient circulation system
  • innovative energy efficient LED illumination system
  • innovative energy efficient gas enrichment system
  • optional gas pre-filtration system
  • convenient harvesting system

  • integrated sensors for measuring critical parameters
  • measurement data collected and stored in cloud
  • basic analysis options pre-installed
  • full automation possible with special algorithms
  • can be remotely monitored and managed via convenient user interface

We provide our technology as 'made-to-measure', so please don't hesitate to contact us for finding out how we could be valuable for you.